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Multimodal Corpus Analysis of Online Tourism Narratives

Elena Mattei (University of Verona)


The semiotic theory of multimodality defines human exchange as the intertwining of different
semiotic resources, which are often designed intentionally to convey specific meanings and boost
specific reactions. Unsurprisingly, this semiotic work takes place nowadays on the Web and Social
Media, the most accessible channels. Among them, Instagram has become the most used and
influential, for both individuals and a growing number of companies. Notwithstanding, there have
not hitherto been conducted any multimodal corpus studiesthat analyze Instagram tourism imagery
and communication strategies.
My project in Digital Humanities focuses on carrying out a corpus-based investigation into three
travel agencies' online multimodal strategies through mixed methods. The objective is to
demonstrate how the promotional orchestration of semiotic resources transfers positive attitudes
towards destinations to the target audience and influences its behavior. The project attempts
therefore to shape a multimodal analytical framework of corpus-supported tourism rhetorical
patterns, in order to enrich the area of multimodal theories application and provide a faithful
understanding of contemporary promotional discourse.
In particular, this contribution presents the research objects and methodological tools devised to
carry out the current project. Six Instagram and website sub-corpora consisting of texts and images
and pertaining to three popular travel agencies were built by means of either API, over a time period
of six months (Instagram), or web crawling (website). These sub-corpora of images and texts were
analyzed separately with Sketch Engine and a software developed to tag images and run reliable
statistical analyses.
The visual semiotic features, on the one hand, were categorized and statistically measured through
specifically designed analytical and technological devices. This presentation will introduce a complex
tagging system which enabled the labelling of semiotic visual affordances and the measurement of
the degree of occurrence and co-occurrence of specific variables according to channel. This
procedure also allowed for the discovery of channel-related generic differences in the construction
of promotional discourse for a tailored audience and purpose. The software designed for the
creation of this annotation system and the analysis of the visual corpora will also be introduced.
Language corpora, on the other hand, are being investigated and will be compared with visual
datasets and findings through corpus tools combined with Transitivity and Appraisal theories from
Systemic Functional Linguistics. This procedure will be outlined through the presentation of a
multimodal comparative table which was adapted to tourism discourse and photography.


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