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A Warring Style: A Corpus Stylistic Analysis of British Poetry of the First World War

Hakan Cangır (Ankara University) and Taner Can (TED University)


War poetry is as a unique expression of artistic creation that bears poignant testimony to the unprecedented tragedies of human destructiveness. It has been the subject of numerous studies that looked at it from diverse perspectives, drawing from various contemporary psychological, historical and literary theories. The present study can be regarded as yet another contribution to the existing picture of this rich and enduring field where literature and history are explored alongside. Informed by the emerging field of digital literary studies, this article aims to revisit the war experience through a computational analysis of the poetry of the Great War and explores how soldier-poets tend to convey their emotions in the face of traumatic war experience. The study initially attempts to detect the key semantic domains of the genre through a corpus tool, Wmatrix. Secondly, the key semantic domains are scrutinised to foreground the frequent lexical items under each domain and explore the surrounding context of those items through their collocational networks exploiting another corpus tool, Lancsbox. The results indicate that the most notable semantic domains in the poems are ‘anatomy and physiology,’ ‘religion and the supernatural,’ ‘senses’ and a number of binary nouns and adjectives grouped as ‘binary oppositions.’ We further elaborated the frequent items by investigating and discussing the corresponding concordance lines.


Congreso Cilc 2021


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Serie: CILC2021: Discurso, análisis literario y corpus / Discourse, literary analysis and corpora (+información)