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A corpus-based study on conceptual metaphors in the finance & economics column of (...)

Songman Liang (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)


Traditional metaphor researches consider metaphors as a rhetoric device for
ornamental study. In 1980, Lakoff and Johnson put forward the Conceptual Metaphor
Theory, which marks the shift of metaphor study from rhetoric view to cognitive view.
Since then, numerous studies at home and abroad on conceptual metaphor have
emerged. Economic news has also become a research interest. However, few research
concerns about The Economist, let alone Finance & Economics Column inside.
Therefore, this study is to explore the conceptual metaphors in Finance & Economics
Column of The Economist with Conceptual Metaphor Theory as a theoretical
foundation. In order to address the above questions, the paper selects articles from
October, 2019 to December, 2019 in The Economist and employs both qualitative and
quantitative approach to analyze conceptual metaphors in the self-constructed corpus.
The results show that: firstly, altogether 443 conceptual metaphors are identified in the
corpus, covering structural metaphor, ontological metaphor and orientational metaphor.
Due to space limitation, only JOURNNEY metaphor, HUMAN BEING metaphor and
UP/DOWN metaphor with high frequency are selected to be analyzed in detail. And
their frequency varies from each other. Secondly, these three metaphors identified in
the corpus function by their mapping process from the source domain to target domain.
Finally, the reason why these the frequency of these three metaphors are different lies
in the systematicity, cultural coherence of metaphors and characteristics of economic
news. This study not only enlarges the scope of conceptual metaphor but also helps
enhance their metaphorical awareness in economic discourses.


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